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Peter Abrams 21-Oct-2013 01:40
I found your John Inglis site long ago, but I just found this link tonight. I was thrilled to see a picture of my father in one of the pictures!. He worked at Inglis during the war and often spoke about those years. I have shared this picture with all of my family and they are all in agreement about it's being dad. I just wanted to say thanks. It is a wonderful feeling to find such a shot.
M.Lee 14-Dec-2012 21:08
M.Lee 14-Dec-2012 20:24
I found this page by mistake surfing around. A little history: my great grandfather was Robert Lee, the original curator and organizer of this museum (it used to be in another building on Federal Street next to the fence by the road). Yes, I can back this up with several photos of the original exhibits and the parade floats made with the Springfield rifles to look like calliopes. See for one picture of Robert Lee and the rifles in the museum.this message also posted on your site with all the armoury pictures.
David 06-Sep-2011 17:56
Is there any way to get a poster sized print of Ronnie the Bren Gun Girl??
David 06-Sep-2011 17:48
Is there any way to get a poster sized print of Ronnie the Bren Gun Girl??
mrclark10-Aug-2011 18:03
sure can you post a link to it
mrclark08-Jun-2011 01:12
Randall, I would try to find yourself one of the Boyd's walnut stocks. Try to find a new one, try gun broker. The by far the best stock for the M14 I have seen and there new, you dont have to worry about used milsurp stocks which can be a pain. What I would recommend for a boyds stock is a mixture of turpentine and boiled lindseed oil. Start with mostly turp then add more linseed as it soaks in, you cant hurt it. Eventually end up with pure linseed oil after applications, go with the look you like. You can take ultra fine sandpaper and wetsand in the applications if you want or use steel wool if the wood needs it. If you decide to stain a milsurp stock like from freds, you may need to strip the wood first. What I find works best is degreaser Simple Green and a 3M scratch pad, something you'd use for dishes, dont go to abrasive. Once that is done try some plain old dish soap and the pad again with some warm water. Let sit afterwards and allow it to dry normally, dont put it in the sun or it could crack. I just let them sit in my basement up against a wall for about a week. Once dry get yourself a good alcohol or acetone based stain and it will soak it in nice and clean. While not a full stain item this is now what I use and it looks great. get a darker colour for use on a stock as it is mostly used to restore stained surfaces but it leaves a stained look.

After than if you want a sheen finish you can use laquer but I prefer to use beeswax style of finish these days its easier to work with and gives a similiar sheen.

But if you want a laquer look you can also use Tung oil or for a even thinker sheen try Tru Oil. Simply wipe on and let dry. Be carefull with tru oil as it dries quick. I sometimes use tru oil spray. Spray very little and from a distance up and down the stock untill covered. Expect to do several coats until done completely. Do a small amount almost a ultra fine haze every time as it will pool up and drip if you get closer than 4 feet away. Just take your time and it will pay off. I also tend to steel weel between dried coats to prepare the surface for the next coat. Dont completely remove the dried tru oil just very lightly abrase it.

Hope that helps

Randall 24-May-2011 11:40

If you have a spare moment, please send me an email. I want to order an M1A walnut or birch stock from one of the online vendors such as Fred's and finish it as you did. I loved the way yours looked. I am interested to know exactly what finishes you applied after sanding it.

kind regards,

Randall, Ft. Lauderdale Florida USA
mrclark15-May-2011 01:07
When i get a moment I'll take some pics of the bren boxes Terry. You might want to try the MILSURPS CANADA FORUM for more info on your bren
JDA 01-May-2011 02:55
Thanks for posting images of the PPSH41. I make computer 3D models for
animations and renders so this resource is much appreciated.
None for your images will be used for anything other then educational
purposes and reference for details of construction.

mrclark27-Mar-2011 22:43
Gary I sent you an email
Guest 26-Jun-2010 20:07
Dear Mr Clark, the MK2 Sten guns and No4 rifles made at Long Branch seem to have been finished by the Enfield Browning method. I have a description of this but am puzzled as to how this complex rust process could have been used in mass production.For example how could hidden areas have been scratched off between passes?Thank you for any help you can give me. Best Wishes Trevor Deary.
mrclark29-Jul-2009 02:56
I sent you an email Alan-again
Guest 12-Jun-2009 20:08
I have recently aquired a no 4 mk 1 long branch rifle from my grandfather it is stamped 1943. I can't seem to find any pictures of the exact same weapon on the internet anywhere. Can you help me out with any info? All serial numbers match it was purchased in Toronto Canada back in the late 50's
mrclark26-Feb-2009 03:13
Hi and thanks, the finish on the Brens varies. The MKI and MKII have been parkerized the MKIm has been blued with OX PHO BLU which gives an almost black finish and is very resiliant. I highly recommend it and it can be purchased from Brownells. The stens also have been blued. The MKII's were blued with a local bluing solution similiar to ox pho blu and the MKIIS with the surpressor was OX PHO BLU which is what gives its black colour. The MKIII is original finish or at least believed to be. No paint was used in any of these and to be honest unless your redoing a british gun which in most cases used a paint called suncorite, I wouldn't use it.
mrclark04-Dec-2008 01:10
Hi yes I did stain the stock. I used simple old minwax red wood stain. I believe it was red mahogany. I'll have a look around and double check but I used a dark red stain.
mrclark24-Jun-2008 01:38
oh ya?
amina 22-Jun-2008 17:15
please i want to know if your country is good for selling gold, and to know of the kilos price and also tell me your percentages because the one who was about to help me said that his percentage is 45 percent that is too much for me that is why I contact you to know yours,
i am ready to send gold to a foreign country for sale since I do not know anybody in your country that is why i am asking to help me."
RP 14-May-2008 00:18
Can you tell me where I can get a repro lend lease decal like that one? Need one for an Inglis I have here in the US.
J.Wymer 24-Apr-2008 12:56
I purchased a deac. sten mk 2 and am wondering if parts from other models are interchangeable, I would like to somehow purchase a mk2s barrel assy., I liked the look of the mk2s compared to the reg. mk2. I havent been able to find one anywhere. I bought this one for $30.00 at a garage sale last summer. I want to redo it and make it nice looking again cause it is in pretty rough shape and then display it in my firearm room. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Charles R. (Bob) Stout 21-Feb-2008 16:09
Mr Clarke:
I have 3 MK2 kits and need a reciever to use as a welding jig mock up or a welding jig.
Drawings with masurements would also help. Do you by chance know where I may find one of these items or might you have one of them. I am a FFL dealer. My purpose is to use for display and use in local MG shoots
jon clarke 05-Feb-2008 01:33
Mr. Clark, I was wondering if there is any surplus BAR parts in you neck of the woods? I am tirelessly searching for a charging handle for my 1918A2 display, and a colt pistol grip trigger housing and charging handle for my R75 display. At this point, I dont care about date or manufacture, I just want to complete them! Any help you could give me would be greatly appriciated! I would even take a standard BAR trigger housing for the colt if I could find one. thanks again, jon clarke. Maryland, USA
T.J. 13-Jan-2008 02:02
Hi Mr.Clark, could you tell me where the backstop is on the old longbranch factory grounds. i was there recently and could not see them. Thanks. T.J.
Mark Fryer 01-Jan-2008 14:32
Have just bought a Mark2 Breg Gun together with tripod and am awaiting delivery. From the photo's it looks in good condition but would be interested in restoring it to its former glory. Can you recommend and specialists in the U.K that could undertake this project. Would you also like to strip it down but wouldn't know where to start. Are there any instructions i could download?
mrclark23-Dec-2007 22:18
no I was in the area a year ago getting my SIG Armorers cert but didnt get a chance to make the drive. Going to try to see it in the next year or so. I hear its quite the place. Whats its tank collection like?
herbg23-Dec-2007 19:43
Very interesting photos! Have you had an opportunity to visit the U.S. Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD?
mrclark06-Oct-2007 00:36
Guest 03-Oct-2007 20:42
where can i purchase a wwii deactivated thompson sub machine gun

Guest 20-Jun-2007 07:38
You got some mad skills.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:15
It's a pleasure to spend a lazy evening sifting through your pictures.
Paradoxal Studio Classic28-Feb-2007 12:19
What an impressive and moving work Clark.
Thank you for sharing.
mrclark30-Oct-2006 09:50
When I get a moment no problem if you could email some pics of your mag bix I can send it to a friend maybe he can shed so me light on it
geomeff 19-Oct-2006 13:27
Mr Clark, if you would be so kind as to look at the photo of the inglis bren.WWII ammo boxes made for the chinese.I have over 100 of these boxes in very good condition. However my boxes have english lettering and read Bren 7.92mm M.G.These ammo boxes were won in a u.s.government auction I believe during the 60s. Could you or anyone else give me any info about these? I can send photos if anyone is interested . I have sold a few to a couple of british.They tell me that these are quite rare.Thans for your time. Regards Geomeff
Marc Vermeulen11-Jul-2006 10:45
Great collection shots!
mrclark07-May-2006 06:13
thanks an no problem, I also am looking for a deact MKV I'll let you know if you let me know : )

take care
Tony 06-May-2006 01:17
Hi mrclark

Great site and collection. Thanks for telling me about Veronica Foster. Just want to know where I can get a deactivated Sten gun V in Canada. Ive been searching but haven't had any luck.

mrclark17-Feb-2006 03:00
Please note I am getting tired of deleting questions by collectors(and others? you know who you are)who are looking for advice on how to break the law.

If you have a legal torch cut kit and need some advice I am more than happy to help if it is in fact legal.

If you have a deactivated firearm that has been specically welded shut to make it deactivated and need advice on how to illegally reactivate it please dont waste my time.

I will delete your inquiry.

Jason 16-Jan-2006 15:38
Where did you get your BAR kit that you assembled as a display? I am looking for one too.
Wonderful pictures!
Thanks Jason
mrclark10-Dec-2005 05:45
the ppsh41 sold about a year ago
Ken Cutmore 20-Oct-2005 17:42
Fascinating pictures...........

My Mother worked at Long Branch, Canadian "Small Arms Ltd" (SAL on the ladies coveralls) during WWII, in the woodshop, as shown in your photos, with some of these workers and on those very machines.

We lived only a couple of miles from the site.

One building, final testing and approval, still remains. We're attempting to have it designated as an 'Historic Site'; the Small Arms employed over 3000 women as "Rosie the Riveters", from 1940 till the end of the War.

Where did you find these photos? Any others?

Many thanks for your efforts in gathering and posting them. A great display.
CiF3r 04-Aug-2005 04:50

YOu know me from Gamespy.

I like all the stuff, the weapons look great at all.
You also have a weapon from my Homeland, Austria.Thats great!!

Hope you feel good,

Greetz from Austria,

Umar Abu Bakr 29-Jul-2005 00:09
Hi Mr Clark
Do you have photos of Camp Borden now and in 1965. I was a military cadet at the Royal Canadian School of Infantry in 1965. There were 30 Malaysian cadets being trained there in 1965/1966 and we're having our first reunion on 27 Aug 05. Appreciate if I could have photos that I can use to show during the reunion. I also have few photographs shot during the training, which I could share. How do I upload? I would also like to contact my fellow cadets and instructors. Can you assist?
dan grider 08-Jul-2005 01:16
attention all airsoft manufacturers please make a spring power BAR (browning automatic rifle)
mrclark03-May-2005 19:46
ppsh is sold
j.c. 03-May-2005 17:29
mr. clark,
am interested in your ppsh41 for sale. please email me. thank you, j.c.
Samson 24-Apr-2005 18:29
Thubs up...
mrclark18-Feb-2005 11:06
I sent you an email. But just in case you can do this:
Hi, allways happy to help one of our friends overseas.

What I did was use a digital camera on video mode. I took a actual move of the shooting then downloaded it to my computer.

I then installed the Apple Quick time viewer for watching movies. You can get it at the Apple website. If I get time I will send you a direct link.

Once installed try to watch the video of your action sequences on the Apple viewer. The program allows you to hit pause and then go forward and back in slow motion watching the movie scene by scene.

Once you get the scene you want hit the Prt Scr Sys Rq
on your keyboard. This is the key beside your Scroll lock button or above the Insert key.

Then open up your paintbrush program and go to edit key then hit the paste key. The picture will then come out on the screen.

Finish by saving as a JPG or JPEG file to your desktop.

You now have the pic you wanted.

Anymore questions let me know.


p_aule 16-Feb-2005 21:44

Dear Mr Clark: A beautiful album.
How do you record action in your images. Our neighbor's son is with the USMC in Iraq. He has a SONY camcorder and computer access. He and we would like to know how you put action in the images show in your album. Do you have some instructions you might consider forwarding ? ( He can record video and capture still-frame images with his cam and then Email them to his Mother here in NJ. Sorry to use your Guestbook but found no other way to reach you. Any help sincerely appreciated Mr Clark 2/16/05
mrclark23-Dec-2004 00:09
pics of them
mrclark23-Dec-2004 00:08
Long Branch is in Toronto Canada. It was Canada's main arsenal for WW2 and Korea. Also in Toronto is the Inglis factory which produced the Inglis made Bren and Inglis made Hi Power pistol.
Mike Dekker22-Dec-2004 05:09
NJ perhaps?
Dale York 21-Oct-2004 09:26
Thanks for your pics and interest in displaying them on the web. As an ex-helicopter armament specialist, I enjoy the hobby and craft of firearm collecting and repair.
Keith Davies (uk) 22-Sep-2004 00:22
Excellent website I have just stumbled across it. Photos are fantastic keep it up very well don,
mrclark13-Sep-2004 08:44
sounds good I would love to see it. email me at
Tomppa from Finland 12-Sep-2004 11:43
As you mention a BAR book "Rock in a hard place". It is one of the best i thing so. I also have this book. This book is very nice, because there is a lot of pictures, articles and serial number information from different BAR versions. I can send you pictures of my BAR via E-mail. Could you give me your E-mail address, please.
mrclark12-Sep-2004 08:10
My BAR is a Korean war issue Royal Typewriter Co made item. I dont know much about this company at this point and a bust trying to get as much info as I can on it and them. Thats one of the appealing factors of buying ww2 firearms is the history with the gun and the research that comes with it.

The trigger group on the gun is made by Armasteel and is in mint shape and is one of the best features of this piece.

I plan on buying "rock in a hard place" which is the history of this gun from Collectors Grade Publications soon. When I do I will post as much data as I can.

Do you have any pics of your BAR? I would love to see them.
tomppa from Finland 10-Sep-2004 17:42
I also own BAR 1918A2 BAR rifle (made in New England 1944). Could you tell me more details about your BAR mr.mrclark. I have to say, that the BAR is the most finest autorifle in warhistory. Lahti Saloranta L/S 1926 and Russian Degtjarev "Emma" autorifles are also great guns.
Guest 03-Sep-2004 19:43
Are you for or against tanks in parks
bmg 03-Sep-2004 16:34
May I use one or two of your tank pictures as part of an online Legal Research & Writing textbook. We do an excercise about a law that bans the use of "tanks" in a park, and your pics would be perfect.
Guest 10-Apr-2004 19:47
Hi, I enjoyed going through your pictures! Can you help me find a loop stock for my Sten Mk.II? My e-mail address is
Guest 01-Feb-2004 11:17
Fine colllection!
Simon 14-Nov-2003 21:46
Hello there...

Are your MP5 PDW an airsoftgun?
How much money for it ?
Can you ship to Denmark?

All the best:
Dennis Eaves 18-Jul-2003 08:29
Asoma bin laden 18-Jul-2003 08:27
May I borrow your m79?
billybob 18-Jul-2003 08:25
damn that be some good stuff mrclark